Welcome gentle reader. This is my web site, a work still in progress. I try to keep the buzz out of my professional work so you may find the format dull. I can only hope that you find the contents interesting.

Most links on this site are followed either by the image or by the image which, when clicked or tapped, will open the link in a new window (or tab). The red image warns that the link takes you out of this website and into one over which I have no control. I caution that monsters may live there.

This site contains my personal views on a number of topics. The one with which I am most conversant, is computer programming. I have also collected into this site, software and tools that I have developed to assist me during the programming process. The reader is invited to use this software, provided under the Code Project Open License CPOL

The menu items (above) have the following content:

Programming Programming is what I have done for a living since 1974. These pages discuss some issues associated with programming.
Projects Programming usually entails the development of a project. These pages describe some of the projects I worked on.
Standards Standards are sometimes viewed poorly by programmers. But, without them, software usually becomes unable to be maintained.
Tools and Controls While programming, I often find the need to develop a tool or control. In these pages I provide links to articles I've published on Code Project that describe these tools and controls.
Miscellaneous This is a collection of thoughts that do not fit in the preceding.

Colophon The site image is a Viking long boat. I chose the image for two reasons: it gives a sense of traveling, of journeying; and my grandfather, Professor Gabriel Gustafson Professor Gabriel Gustafson , after whom I am named, was deeply involved in the excavation and restoration of the Oseberg Oseberg Viking ship.